Name Module Slide Show F5

Slide Show F5 is a layer-based responsive slider, which allows to combine images, text, videos (Youtube, Vimeo and HTML5), backgrounds and custom html. It allows you to customize the display time, type and time of transition (animation) of each slide as much of each layer.

Combining the many options available in this slider can be designed fantastic presentations that make more attractive our website and to allow the layer system your personal link to any URL can link it to any social network, web, article, shopping cart, etc ... that allows us to highlight and facilitate access to any content.


Up to 40 elements between slide and layers

Background images as the slider (you can set a vertical or horizontal distance or animate the image by customizing the speed or directionof movement) or each slide or slide layer

Background color slider (you can set a vertical or horizontal distance) or each slide or slide layer

Videos Youtube, Vimeo and HTML5 element of each slide or slide layer

Text as slide layer (you can set the font for all the slides or each slide layer)

Html as slide or slide layer

Url link on each slide or in each slide layer

Time visibility, transition type and duration time of the transition. Can set them both to the slider as a whole and for each slide or for each slide layer

Show Indicators slide and navigation arrows (you can choose between different colors)

Manual or automatic transition

Direction of movement between the slide

Force the slider has the screen size or that of widht of the slider is the screen width

Set a width and height ratio serving for different types of display (not applicable to slider fullscreen)

Display a slider preload

Opacity slider, each slide or each slide layer

Set width and height of each layer in % of slider (in images or video just wide, the high is  proportional)

Establish the exact vertical or horizontal position in % of the slider or predefined (up, down, vertically centered, left, right, horizontally centered)

Establish in videos an imagen preview (in Youtube and Vimeo, even can select the default picture setting to Youtube or Vimeo video), autoplay, autoplay-one and also at the end force the change slide

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